Printing ServicesAll businesses, big or small, require printed materials that help promote their services. Everything from postcard printing and business cards to promotional flyers or stationary that features the company logo on the letterhead is essential to getting your brand out to the buying public, and having it all done in a timely, cost-effective manner is extremely important. With the advent of online stores and services, many of those businesses are now on the clock 24/7/365, and that means that they may very well need printing services to work on the same time frame. This is perhaps why online printing services have become a popular method of getting that job done, but there are many other benefits that have made those businesses make the switch from traditional to online.

Many storefront print service places offer many more things than just printing, and it’s often tough to know if you are dealing with someone who actually specializes in printing services, or if they are just a middle man of sorts, and end up just outsourcing the majority of the work. This may be why so many of those places have lengthier turnaround times, as they wait for their outside partner to do the work. Going that route also means having to pay more, as the store and the printers both have to get a cut of your money, which means you end up paying two different people for one job. With online printing services, you can be sure that they are only offering printing services, which means that professionals who have made a career in the printing industry will be on the job the moment you place the order.

Another great benefit of using an online printing service is that they will more than likely have services available than many different languages. More often than not, walking into a printing store means that you will have to be sure that your business is all done in English, which is not exactly ideal for someone who owns an ethnic store or restaurant that requires materials to be printed in their native language. Having an online service that has support for foreign customers, means that there will be much less chance of mistakes being made when the job is getting done.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using an online printing service is that many of them have packages that include everything you need all for one low price. What’s also great is that many of those sites also have templates that will allow you to see how your logo or design will look on the printed material before you decide to order. The internet has caused many street level printing suppliers to re-think their business model, but if you look at the speed of service, the potential cost savings, and the fact that you can basically proof your work before it begins, the online printing service may always be at least one step ahead of its traditional competitors.

About the author: Martheen Cohen is an industry veteran that expanded his presentation folders Calgary business to deliver 24/7 postcard printing services to Vancouver and Toronto customers as well.