If you ask the average business how they approach the planning of their printing needs, a good many will likely tell you that they simply order their marketing materials as needed. While it may seem like the smart way to go about it, following that method can actually end up costing much more money in the long run. If you have a business that uses the same printing company each and every time, there are ways to work with them that will save both time and money, whilst ensuring that you get all of your printing needs in a timely fashion.

Printing shopThe best way to accomplish that goal is to plan months in advance, rather than waiting until the very last minute to put an order in. The printing company that you use should already have all of your company information, such as contact info, logos, letterheads and more, so there really isn’t any need to come up with a new design each and every time. One of the fastest methods you can use is going with a number of different templates that you use for ads, business card, and brochures etc. It’s simply a matter of giving the printing company any new information to be added and you are off to the races.

Planning and ordering in advance allows you to account for heavy sales periods, such as Christmas, as well as other occasions when your business usually takes a spike. A good idea is to order a large number of generic sales flyers that prompt the customer to contact you. Adding a slogan such as “Call now to hear about our new sales” means that you can use that flyer any time of the year, rather than wasting money ordering too many pieces of a single sale flyer. It’s always handy to have those generic flyers hanging around in case you run out of the latest ones.

postcard printingIt’s usually around this time of year that many businesses start to think about hiring additional sales staff to help cope with the impending rush. In order to maintain a high level of professionalism, you are likely to want to arm these new people with business cards. That sounds great in theory, but it can get expensive if you are left with a bunch of cards that are useless once those new temporary hires have gone. This is where you can again take advantage of having a visit card template on file with the printing company. They can then run off the cards, leaving space for the employees to fill in their own information to give to the customer.

The holiday season is a time when you really want to think about making as much money as possible, especially when it’s a period that is make or break for many businesses. Make sure to order all that you need well in advance and try to stick to templates as much as possible. This will allow you to order a large number of print materials in bulk, which should help you save even more money on your order price.