Synthetic motor oilBuying a new car means making a major financial investment, and we all want to be sure that we get a great return on our money. In order to make sure that happens, it’s essential to make sure that you perform regular maintenance checks on your vehicle, and that includes choosing the right oil. Making sure that all the fluids are topped off, and that the oil is changed on a regular schedule can add years to the life of your car. But if you really want to add some more life to your engine, then it’s recommended that you choose a synthetic oil to make that happen.

It wasn’t so very long ago that there were only a couple of different options on the shelf at your local auto shop, but now that synthetic oil has proven to be the way forward, it appears that every big name oil company, and even some lesser known ones, want to get in on the act and produce their own brand. With so many now to choose from, it makes it difficult for the average consumer to know what the best synthetic oil is, and in order to find out, they may just have to do a little bit of homework.

A good place to start is to look at the history of synthetic oil, because once you do that you will quickly realize that the first company to produce a synthetic oil that met and surpassed all the standards laid out by the American Petroleum Institute (API) still have their products front and center on the shelves today. It’s pretty fair to assume that the company that set the benchmark for the synthetic oils that are used today will probably know a thing or two about how to make a good product that works on a consistent basis.

That company is Amsoil Oil, and if you take the time to check out a bunch of independent Engine transmission synthetic fluidsynthetic oil reviews, you will find that rank at the top, or very close to it, in just about every single one. While many companies clamored to get synthetic oil on the market, Amsoil was in it from the start with a full range of products including synthetic transmission fluid, which gives them a pretty big head start on the competition, and also means that it is their product that all the others are trying to emulate in order to just try and get on the same playing field.

Another thing that sets Amsoil oil ahead of the pack is the way in which they go about getting their product to the consumer. They have a preferred customer program set up on their website that allows anyone to go on there and get their synthetic oil at greatly reduced rate. There are no quantity minimums, which means that the average driver can go on and get his Amsoil synthetic oil at the same price as the car dealership down the street, and he will not have to buy cases of it in order to get that deal.