Good financial planning software can be your key to attain financial freedom and help you plan, control and manage your budget for more productivity and efficiency. Managing money can be a cumbersome task to achieve, but thanks to technology which has made this job a lot easier by simply inputting the data in financial planning software and track your finance with more efficacy. Choosing the right software is important and a vital decision which involves determining your needs like personal finance budget, preparation of tax forms from computer, automatic paying off bills, small business integration and the likes. Here are 5 of the best Financial Planning software which can help you take full control of various financial scenarios, from intense financial plans to general financial concepts.

Microsoft Money

Microsoft Money features different currencies integration, balance your cash flow and checkbook, PDA synchronization, creating budget, customizable charts, managing investment and much more. It is a user friendly financial program designed to deal with your financial issues of all kinds and help you in maintaining your finances in a comprehensive manner. This software is for all but especially those living in USA are more on the brighter side with this financial planning software by their sides. Not so hefty on your pocket too, Microsoft Money is a true answer to all your financial problems.

Financial Fate

Financial Fate is a free to download financial planning software that helps you generate a realistic financial planning broadcast for short term and long term financial planning reliabilities. By simply entering your data on to this software, you can have a glimpse at your money management and how effective it is to save you from bankruptcy. By making use of calculations and assumptions, Financial Fate generates your financial planning report for future stating To-Do list, Cash Flow Plan, Investment Plan, Asset Allocation, Balance Sheet and Estimated Income Taxes. This software is a recommended plan for those looking for financial freedom. It also keeps the backup data file for use at any time in future. To have this, check out


Quicken is a potent financial planning software that aids you with your taxes, investing, financial planning, banking, budgeting and the likes. With much efforts and times, you can easily pay off your bills online and reconcile your statement while using this software. It also keeps a monthly record of your accounts and expenses which is very important for money management. This software does come with a price tag but it is worth having it. To get Quicken, you can go to the link


Looking for a small business and personal finance accounting software for free, then GnuCash is just the thing you need. Flexible, powerful and easy to use GnuCash can help you track down your bank accounts, income, expenses and stock in an intuitive and quick way. Double entry accounting, small business accounting, transaction matching, financial reports and financial calculation are some of its amazing features and to download it you can check out


Mint is an easy yet powerful and secure solution for managing all your finances for free. You can register via your valid email address and update your information for credit union, credit card and online bank. It automatically keeps you credit card and bank account transactions updated to that you may not forget any transaction. It categorizes every transaction made according to their download time. It also sends you emails and SMS to inform you bout low balance and other activities related to your finance. Mint is a complete web based financial planning solution which protect your personal financial data trough firewall, authentication and encryption.

Author Bio: Charles Henry works in the financial and insurance industry.